A Supply Teacher’s Guide to September Start


Caring for you career path in the field of education has always been out top priority. That is why, we as Clearly Education, a company that specialises in offering top-notch hiring solutions for the primary and nursery school sectors, are excited to walk with you and guide you in this amazing journey of preparing you for September intake as a supply teacher! We know that many newly certified teachers are eagerly preparing for their first supply teaching positions as September draws near and we would not want to leave you behind. Therefore, we have put up a thorough guide on “being a supply teacher in September” to assist you in navigating this adventure. We have the information you need, whether you’re looking for your first position as a supply teacher or just want to learn what makes a successful supply teacher.

What are September supply teacher expectations?

If there is a period when schools are usually so busy, it is September. This is because, they tend to work their very best in preparing for a new academic year. During this period, you can encounter yourself in different environments and classrooms as a supply teacher. This can be exciting and difficult at the same time! We’ll go through everything you may expect as a supply teacher during this time, from lesson planning to classroom administration, so you’ll be ready to have an effect. Schools may give you lesson plans, but it’s important to be adaptable and flexible. Learn about the curriculum for the grade level you’ll be teaching, and be prepared with a few interesting activities to keep students interested. It’s important to create a supportive and orderly learning environment. Be prepared to properly manage the dynamics in the classroom by becoming familiar with the school’s behavior guidelines. Developing relationships with the pupils and faculty is the secret to a successful supply teaching experience. Learn the names of the pupils and genuinely care about their education.

 Where should you Look for Your First Supply Teaching Position?

Finding your first job can feel difficult if you’re new to supply teaching. Don’t worry; we’ve prepared you with helpful advice and tactics to land your first supply teaching position. We’ll walk you through the steps to stand out in a crowded job market, from creating an attractive CV to ace the interview. Make sure to emphasize your teaching credentials, relevant experience, and enthusiasm for learning in your CV. As a substitute teacher, emphasize your capacity for adaptation and adaptability. Secondly, register with respected employment agencies for the education sector by providing your employment agency name. These organizations frequently have close ties to educational institutions, which broadens your exposure to employment possibilities.

Also, attend job fairs and networking events for the education industry and connect with other educators through these venues. Through networking, one may make useful connections and receive job opportunities. By contacting schools immediately with your CV and a brief introduction rather than waiting for job postings, inform them of your desire to serve as a substitute teacher and ask for any impending openings. If a school calls you for an interview, be well-prepared by doing your homework on the institution, learning its guiding principles, and demonstrating your flexibility as a replacement teacher.

Characteristics of a Good Supply Teacher:

Being a supply teacher necessitates adaptability, tenacity, and a love of learning. This part will examine the essential characteristics of a successful supply teacher. These traits will help you succeed in various classroom situations and leave a lasting effect on students and staff, whether you’re an experienced educator or just getting started. Some of the common traits we expect from you include; flexibility and adaptability. You’ll be entering various classrooms with various dynamics as a substitute teacher. Flexibility and adaptability will enable you easily build connections with kids and adapt to new surroundings.

Show interest in the subjects you’ll teach while exuding confidence in your ability. Students can be motivated and learn more effectively when their attitude is upbeat. Also, it’s important to communicate with staff and students clearly and effectively. Be personable and willing to hear the worries of your students. Lastly, Strong classroom management abilities are necessary to establish a favorable learning environment. Create guidelines and standards up front, then continuously adhere to them.


Keep in mind that Clearly Education is here to support you at every stage of your adventure as a supply teacher as you set out in September. Our staff is committed to putting bright teachers like you in touch with rewarding early childhood and primary education positions on a fulltime, parttime, permanent and day to day assignments. Register with us immediately in the specific categories and regions we recruit for if you’re prepared to advance in your teaching career. We are currently looking for teachers, teaching assistants, SEN specialists and nursery staff in Essex, Surrey, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire. Make this academic year successful for you and your students by working together!

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