The benefits of Safeguarding Training: Top 5!

Safeguarding training is an important part of the recruitment process in the UK, and it’s essential that anyone working with children is aware of the importance of safeguarding them.  A safeguarding course will provide you with the knowledge to ensure the safety of the children you’re working with.

You’ll learn about the different types of abuse, how to spot the signs of abuse and how to respond when evidence of abuse arises.  Through the course, you’ll also gain an understanding of the importance of working with other professionals and agencies to ensure children’s safety.  

Not only is it essential to be aware of safeguarding issues, but you’ll also be gaining a valuable qualification.  It will help you to understand the importance of protecting children from harm and will also provide you with the skills and confidence to ensure their safety.  

The benefits of Safeguarding Training

We often hear about the importance of safeguarding benefits, but what are the tangible benefits that come with it? From improved employee wellbeing to increased workplace safety, here are the top five benefits of safeguarding benefits:

1. Improved awareness of risks – Safeguarding training helps staff identify the risks that may be posed to those in their care, as well as how to recognise and deal with them appropriately.

2. Increased confidence – Staff who have received safeguarding training will be better equipped to handle any potential risks that may arise, as well as having a greater understanding of the processes to follow. This can lead to increased feelings of self-confidence and security in the workplace.

3. Better communication – Safeguarding training encourages open and honest communication between staff and young people, as well as between staff and other professionals. This can help to ensure that any risks are identified and addressed quickly.

4. Improved morale – Safeguarding training can help to create a positive working environment, as staff are better equipped to handle any potential risks that may arise. This can lead to improved morale and a greater sense of job satisfaction.

5. Increased protection – Safeguarding training gives staff the knowledge and skills that they need to protect those in their care. This can lead to a greater sense of security for the staff involved and those in their care.

Ensuring that your team have the right safeguarding training is essential for any organisation working with children and young people. It can help to protect those in your care, as well as improving staff morale and confidence. At Clearly Education, we take safeguarding very seriously. We ensure our recruitment process includes a thorough safeguarding training component, to ensure the safety and protection of all our staff, children and educational settings.

If you are looking for a safeguarding course, we have the perfect option for you! Our safeguarding course is specially designed to give learners the knowledge and skills they need to protect vulnerable children.

The course is easy and accessible, so anyone can learn safely and conveniently from home.

We also offer a range of additional resources, including a downloadable certificate. Enrol now to get started on your safeguarding journey!

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