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Calling all students - Clearly needs you!



At Clearly we LOVE students and believe they make fantastic additions to our team. But what can Clearly offer to you as a student?


We spoke to one of our candidates, Olivia, about her experience working for us alongside studying for her degree at Anglia Ruskin University.


What childcare experience did you have when you joined?

I had done some part time nannying and babysitting jobs and had completed some work experience in primary schools.


Why did you choose us?

I was searching on Indeed for part time work and found your advert. It explained that the work could be flexible and so it seemed like it would be suitable to fit around my university schedule. I was pleased to have found an opportunity that would allow me to carry on working within childcare but would give me experience in a variety of settings.


How did you manage to fit working around your studies? How many days a week did you work?

On average I worked either two or three days a week. The team were very flexible and took my availability week by week, meaning I was able to chop and change my working days to fit around my lectures as my timetable changed. Around exam time I worked less so that I could focus on my studies, with no pressure from the Headline team to pick up extra shifts. During summer holidays I stayed in Cambridge and worked full-time to try and boost my student loans!


What did you gain from your time with us?

Plenty of experience in different settings, even special needs schools. I gained the confidence to comfortably introduce myself at different places and meet new people. I also gained friends at these new settings and became an honorary member of their team. Headline helped me grow and allowed me to work comfortably throughout my university degree.


What were your favourite things about working with the Cambridge team? Do you have any favourite memories?

The early morning phone-calls asking me to go to work – the team often acted as my alarm clock at 7am! My favourite thing was the constant support from the all of the team, you all get so close and they always made me feel like my happiness and welfare was the most important thing. They would send lovely personal cards every Christmas and even on my 21st birthday, they showed that they really care about every member of staff in their team. They worked so hard to always make sure everyone had the work they needed.


What are you doing now?

I have just graduated! I am now half way through my first semester of a Masters in Speech and Language Therapy!


Working for Clearly can be particularly suitable for those studying Childcare or Education at university, but we are equally happy to hear from students studying non-education centred degrees. If you are passionate about working with children and young people, and have previous experience working with children please do get in touch. Your local team will be more than happy to chat to you about your experience and how we can help!