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In these unprecedented times, it’s important to maintain and improve the educational possibilities for your child. That’s why at Clearly, we’ve set up an online schooling opportunity for 4-16 years. 


Here, you won’t have to pay large school fees or worry about whether the local state school will provide what your child needs on their learning journey. Instead you can relax knowing your child is receiving a structured, supportive and secure school day, 5 days a week.



Clearly Education's staff have been within the education industry for over 25 years and we have a wealth of knowledge of the educational system. We have exceptional, trusting and great relationships with our schools and teachers, and we offer a very personable and unique service. 



At Clearly we put the safety and wellbeing of children at the centre of everything that we do. It is our utmost priority and we take pride in reaching the highest standards when it comes to safeguarding and compliance. Clearly are members of APSCo (the Association of Professional Staffing Companies), who are a regulatory body in recruitment, and provide a trusted badge of quality within the sector. Specifically, Clearly is aligned with APSCo Compliance+ for Education and Social Work recruitment companies, which sets the best practice quality standard for the sector. You have the knowledge and assurance that your child is safe whilst being taught online by one of our fully vetted teachers.

As well as the importance of teaching during term time, you may feel your child has missed out on vital education during school closures. With this in mind, we are also offering a package of lessons for the school summer holidays.


Tel: 07387 262373


Here are some details on just a couple of our teachers who are ready to teach their new online classes:


• Fully qualified and experienced primary teacher, and holds a BA Hons and Diploma in Social Work

• Has formerly been a Headmistress and a Deputy Headteacher

• Is currently teaching an online class full time, so she has perfected the skills and resources required to effectively teach online


• Fully qualified primary school teacher with 19 years of experience

• Has taught all primary year groups (Reception to Year 6) and therefore has extensive and current subject knowledge required by the curriculum at all levels

• Understands that children learn best when they are happy and engaged in the subject matter, so tries to make all lessons fun and well-tailored

• Has extensive experience of private tutoring as well as class teaching