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Categories of Abuse

There are 4 main categories of abuse: Many children will often suffer more than one type of abuse. Signs of abuse can be both physical and behavioural – changes in behaviour from a child or a parent, carer or other adult may be noticed.

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Course Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, learners will be aware of:

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Effects of Physical Abuse

Being subject to physical abuse can have long lasting effects such as: (NSPCC, 2022)

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Emotional Abuse

Emotional Abuse is the ongoing emotional maltreatment of a child. It is sometimes called psychological abuse and can seriously damage a child’s emotional health and development. Emotional abuse can include:

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End of Training Course

Thank you for completing Clearly Education’s Safeguarding Children course. You will shortly receive a certificate if you have obtained the pass mark.

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How a Concern May Come to Your Attention

Occasionally, instead of relying on spotting indicators of abuse, a child may come to you directly and reveal that they are being abused. This is known as a disclosure. Children may make a full and detailed account of their abusive experience or they may reveal little bits of information over time, often not in chronological …

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How to Report Your Concerns

Most organisations will have a safeguarding child, or child protections policy in place. You should make yourself familiar with these procedures as it will tell you exactly what to do if you have a concern. You will also have a Local Safeguarding Children Board (Safeguarding partners) that will have advice available on how and when …

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How to Respond to a Disclosure

If you find yourself in a situation where a child is disclosing abuse to you, there are several steps you should take: Stay calm: Avoid expressing your own views on the matter, reactions of shock, outrage or fear might make them feel more anxious or ashamed. Listen carefully: Listen more than you talk and avoid …

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Impacts of Child Abuse

Meadows P et al, 2011 identified 5 main ways abuse can impact a child’s life 1. Physical changes in the developing brain 2. Difficulties forming and maintaining relationships 3. Mental health responses 4. The development of adult behaviour patterns 5. The disruption to education and social relationships

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