Visions and Values

Not just words we wrote down to tick a box!

When starting Clearly Education, our Managing Director Polly’s vision was clear!

Our Vision

  • Create a company that would break the mould of other Education Supply Agencies.
  • Build a team of approachable, friendly and caring people who were genuinely passionate about what they did.
  • Embed honesty, trust and respect into everything the team did.
  • Ensure children’s welfare and safeguarding at all times.

Polly knew that by doing things differently Clearly Education would be something special. It would be a great place to work and deliver a consistent and much needed personal service into schools and nurseries that the whole team would be proud of. It would become the recruitment partner of choice for settings across the region and the agency of choice for staff.

Fast forward to the present day >>>

And here we are! 😊

Not just words on a page but a reality we are all so proud to be part of.

OUR values run through all we do. They influence the way we individually go about our day-to-day roles, the way we deliver against our responsibilities, the way we conduct ourselves with our staff and settings and the way we come together as a member of the ‘Clearly’ family.

Our Values

  • YES! We are different! And we love that we can go the extra mile because of it!
  • YES! We are a friendly and approachable bunch – Why not come and have a cuppa and chat with us?
  • YES! We genuinely care about ALL our staff and settings and about delivering the best experience to you!
  • YES! We are trustworthy, honest, and respectful in everything we do. We are so proud to be a trusted supplier and agency of choice and love nothing more than reading your kind feedback and testimonials!
  • YES! We absolutely comply to the highest standards for safeguarding and compliance in the industry.
  • YES! We all love cake! (The only thing Polly didn’t include in her vision but has kindly let us embed in our culture…Thanks Polly! 😊)

To find out more on how we can help your school or nursery find the perfect staff, please get in touch with your local branch.

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