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We have pulled together what we hope are really useful resources and courses across Early Years and Schools for our Teachers, TA’s, SEN Specialists and Early Years Practitioners to be able to quickly access.

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Early Years Training and Resources

As an early years professional, you have a huge impact on the lives of our youngest members of society. Keeping your training up to date allows you to keep apace with making sure you are having a positive impact on children’s learning and development and help them reach their full potential.

Below are some free courses and resources available to you.

Free Courses 


Teaching Assistant Training and Resources

Teaching Assistants are imperative to the smooth running of day to day life in schools.

Whether you are working as a general classroom assistant or 1:1 with a child that needs extra support, additional training to understand your role is essential. Below are some excellent courses that could help you on your way.

Free Courses

Paid Courses


Teacher Training and Resources

As a supply teacher it can be very easy to be out of the loop when it comes to CPD and changes within the education system. It is expected that supply teachers keep their professional knowledge up to date.

At Clearly we encourage all of our supply teachers to make use of the numerous free courses available to enable them to keep abreast of changes as well as making use of the CPD available through their Union of choice.

Free Courses


Union options (In no-particular order)

We’ve got plenty of amazing job opportunities listed on our jobs page – so don’t wait any longer to find out more.

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