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Looking for staff?


Call your local branch, provide us with some information about your setting, and tell us the dates and times that you need.




With the ever-increasing pressures of working in education and many teachers choosing to leave the profession, we know that many schools are struggling more than ever with their staffing. This is where we are here to help!


We continuously strive to provide schools with the best of the best when it comes to their temporary and permanent staff, to hopefully relieve some of the pressures that come with recruiting. Clearly have a wonderful team of Qualified Teachers and experienced Teaching Assistants on our books, who represent us daily in the best possible way – by being enthusiastic, professional, friendly and downright fabulous.


Some of our schools use us for sporadic cover – covering staff sickness or training days. Others use us for long term cover – be it a maternity leave, long-term sickness leave, or simply where they have not been able to successfully recruit for a particular post. Whether you have lots of cover or the odd day here and there, we will always endeavour to keep your staffing consistent – so that you have familiar faces coming to you each time you book. We absolutely understand the importance of consistency in the classroom, particularly when working with children and young people who may have additional needs. You will always have the option to request your favourites to come back and our staff will soon become “honorary members” of your team.


Clearly has a number of Qualified Teachers and Teaching Assistants working across all of our branches – so you will always be dealing with a consultant who “gets it”. We will pay attention to the details of the cover needed, listen to your preferences, and find you a member of staff who is not only sufficiently qualified and experienced for the post, but who also will be a good fit for your school.


Book in advance or take advantage of our last-minute booking option for those mornings when the sickness line is ringing non-stop. All you need to do is call your local branch, provide us with some information about your school, and tell us the dates and times that you need. It really is that simple!



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